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Commentary from Saturday, April 10, 2010

Education and Training are the Keys to Success

Of the many responses I receive from my commentaries, two related subjects continue to surface, education and training. If millions of jobs were able to be generated in the next few months, are American workers ready to meet the needs of the modern day workplace?

We all know the old days of manufacturing have now been replaced by hundreds of new technologies invented to manufacture products safely and more cost effectively. We have now entered an age where highly skilled workers are required in almost every facet of industry and business. What once required up to 200 people to produce now requires 50 or fewer more skilled workers. Therefore, with modern technology, today’s high school and college students must be prepared for new employment opportunities based on math and computer skills, management and specialty services more sophisticated than the ones that existed just a decade ago.

To meet the changing needs of today’s workplace, I urge you to encourage young people to be prepared by seeking out every job training program possible so they will have the education and skills necessary to fill every possible employment opportunity. I also encourage people of all ages, the unemployed and those about to change jobs, to seek out training programs that will sharpen skills and help them prepare for today’s employment opportunities. As more jobs become available, you will see that education and job training will be our key to success now and in the future.

In the last 20 years, workers from around the world have committed themselves to manufacturing quality products acceptable to American customers so they can continue to receive orders from American companies and fill American stores. In order for Americans to compete, our workforce must be prepared so that American companies will want to invest and expand industries here in the U.S.A. to satisfy the purchasing habits of American consumers.

Today as always, I urge you to support American made products, American workers and spread the word about the Buy American Made Campaign.

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