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Commentary from Saturday, March 9, 2013

Positive Efforts - Positive Results!

Americans were always told that Positive Efforts bring about Positive Results. That is very true and each of us that promotes the Buy American Made Campaign and supports the businesses that employ American workers has made a major impact on America’s economy. Through our efforts the American people clearly see that America became the SALES POINT for foreign products while jobs and jobs skills were lost for American workers.

As a result of efforts like American Workers Radio and American Workers Need You more people are focused on efforts to support businesses that manufacture, sell, ship and promote products made in the U.S.A. It is time for our national elected leaders to join our efforts and outline how they would welcome more private sector businesses to maintain and expand jobs in America.

Because of poor national leadership, Americans are going through challenging economic times. This is especially true for Americans with jobs skills, but no businesses to hire them. Our leaders continue to offer endless messages about the need for more Taxes, but almost nothing about the need for more JOBS nor how they plan to work with businesses to get America's economy moving again. We the American people have been a leading force in requesting that national leaders take action on our suggestions to restore JOBS in America. Our suggestions include:

Offering long-term tax cuts to businesses operating in the U.S.A. and employing American workers and long-term tax benefits to businesses that restore industries and jobs in America.
Expanding all "Buy American Made" efforts, especially where our tax dollars are paying for the products and services used by government, education and every program supported by government funding which respresents out tax dollars.
Supporting workforce development programs in every school and workplace so every American has the needed job skills that will permit them to maintain ongoing employment.
Ending tax loopholes for corporations that manufacture overseas and use America as their major point of sale.

It is important that every American and especially America's national, state and local elected leaders look out for the well-being of America FIRST. Call your elected officials and let them know where you stand and email them a copy of today's commentary. Thanks for your positive efforts and for helping us spread the word.

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