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Commentary from Saturday, March 5, 2022

The Cost of Fuel is Hurting All Americans!

The American people see that the rising cost of fuel to heat our homes, drive our cars and power America’s businesses and transportation is approaching a crisis level. Americans also see that the closing of the Keystone Pipeline which moved Canadian oil imports to the United States and the moratorium on oil drilling in Alaska and off-shore locations is interfering with our ability to keep America energy self sufficient.

We have reached a point where America’s elected leaders must reassess America’s fuel needs and take emergency action to address the issue. While we develop renewable sources for the long-term future, it is important to ensure appropriate levels of energy required today. That means the use of all fuels available now.

Under the current circumstances, it is important for the United States to secure the greatest amount of energy production possible to maintain the energy supplies Americans need today. Americans simply cannot afford the cost of rising energy prices. In order to get action, call your congressperson and senator and ask them to develop a realistic EMERGENCY ENERGY ACT so America can increase its energy production for our immediate needs, while keeping an eye on the development of alternative sources in the future.

There is a Contact Your Elected Officials” link on the front page of, which has the telephone numbers of all national elected leaders. Your call asking them to support an EMERGENCY ENERGY ACT to restore the production of all sources of energy in the United States is very important.

We welcome your suggestions. Send them to Thanks for your participation.

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