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Commentary from Saturday, March 5, 2016

United We Stand - Divided We Fall!


With all of the discussions taking place about the future of America, it’s refreshing to see the American people unite behind movements to support American workers and the businesses that employ them.

In the last few years our grassroots campaigns “American Workers Need You” and “Buy American Made Campaign” have gathered a lot of supporters. This movement has motivated the American people, the news media, organizations and political leaders to acknowledge the fact that we can’t have a growing population without increased employment opportunities for all Americans.

OUR Movement has been trying to motivate businesses in the U.S.A. to expand their product lines and promote the fact that their products are made in America. The main challenge for businesses that manufacture in the U.S.A. is getting their products in better circulation in the stores where we shop so they can compete with the avalanche of imported products that currently fill America’s stores.

A few years ago, people told me that it will not be easy to reach the goal of 50% of everything sold in America being made in America. Actually I feel we should have never permitted the flood of foreign made products in our stores in the first place. By being silent for too long the American people allowed what happened in America to become a reality, but by raising our voices and taking action we have been changing the way business is being done in America. The bottom line is that as more of America’s consumers keep the movement going and growing, and spend more of their dollars to support American made products, the more working age and able body Americans will have the jobs they need. Supporting products made in America will also ensure that students now and in the future will have the job opportunities they need.

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