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Commentary from Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Road To The Next Election!

As people contact me they often voice concerns that "National Elected Leaders permitted jobs to leave America for decades without concern for America’s growing debt and the loss of jobs and job skills for the American people”. I agree, but it was also the lack of reaction by the American people that brought us to this point.

The Road To The Next Election is now your opportunity to ask national and local candidates "What they are doing to address the need for jobs in America and do they have a written copy of their plans to give you”.

In November, we will elect national and state level officials. I urge you to be very attentive from now to election day, ask questions and review responses so that you are fully knowledgeable of what the candidates plans are long before election day. We have all heard a lot of talk and promises, but written plans from each candidate, especially concerning jobs is what you need to have in hand before you go out to vote for them.

We have reached a point in America where words in a political speech sound good, but a written plan of action is what people really want to see. America needs political candidates that have the ability to get private sector businesses and political leaders working together prior to an election to demonstrate what they will be able to accomplish when elected or re-elected. The bottom line is “Americans Need Jobs”, not more programs or excuses that hide the fact that America needs 24 million full time jobs so the American people are able to be employed and support themselves.

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