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Commentary from Saturday, March 31, 2018

We Strive to Point People in the Right Direction!

Every time we discuss ways to support jobs in America, we discuss the benefits of more jobs and an improved economy for the nation where we live and want to thrive.  For years we have urged our supporters to seek out products made and assembled in the United States of America. We continue to urge educators and parents to request the expansion of the "Trades & Industrial Arts” programs in America’s schools so businesses have a growing number of graduates with the hands on experience desperately needed by America’s industries. We promoted the fact that America’s students are the future of our great country and that we need them to be ready and able to present new ideas and inventions that will create new product lines to benefit people and in the process spur new job opportunities for American workers.

On any given day, dozens of advertisements come before us, most of which do not represent items MADE in America. Foreign companies are not concerned about the loss of American customers because they know they have very FEW American made competitors. Until there are more businesses operating and manufacturing goods in America with the "Made in the U.S.A." label, businesses overseas will continue to regard America simply as a place to sell their products.

The "Buy American Made Campaign" always seeks to point consumers in the direction of purchasing products made and assembled in the United States of America because the Made in America label immediately lets customers know the items they are looking at will benefit businesses based in America and many levels of American workers.

You are encouraged to support your local businesses throughout the year and go out of your way to shop local during National Small Business Weekend, which takes place the FIRST Friday, Saturday and Sunday of every month. For more information visit:

Thanks for your assistance and for spreading the word to others.

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