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Commentary from Saturday, March 30, 2013

Our Efforts Promote America

Every supporter of the Buy American Made Campaign can see how many of America's industries have been lost during the last 30 years and how important it is for us to help reverse this reality. Our efforts promote America and remain focused on supporting the businesses already manufacturing products in the U.S.A. We continue to work hard to show businesses that investing in America and producing quality and competitive products can be profitable and will be well supported by the American people. As American made inventory moves off store shelves it is having a positive effect on businesses and employment opportunities.

I continue to receive a positive response from my March 16th commentary "The Blichasz Plan". This plan was meant to get people thinking and talking about what could be done by our elected leaders with the encouragement of the American people. That commentary is linked on the front page of and

Now that Spring is here, I urge you to direct more of your spending power in support of the Buy American Made Campaign. As we begin the new season, take the Buy American Made CHALLENGE and seek out only American made items for at least 30 days. I know it is not always possible, but by taking the CHALLENGE and shopping around you will fully understand why your participation is so important. If we can help just a portion of America's 29 million businesses to employ a few more people to meet the demands of America's consumers, more jobs would be available and more people would be able to support themselves.

As you know, the FIRST Friday, Saturday and Sunday of every month is now "National Small Business Weekend". This effort was started to encourage Americans to shop at local businesses which keep local communities vibrant and employ more than 60 million people across America. For more information about this effort visit our Internet site:

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