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Commentary from Saturday, March 25, 2023

No Less Than 50% Made in America!

Every time you see an advertisement promoting clothing, furniture, cell phones, televisions, computers and other products, consider the Buy American Made Campaign and our efforts to expand manufacturing in the United States of America. One question we must all continue to ask is "WHY aren't at least 50% of all items sold in America, made in America?"

We all understand GLOBAL COMPETITION, but none of us understands WHY such a large percentage of the items invented and manufactured in America for decades are now largely made outside of America.  I never understood why America's leaders, American workers, and American based businesses accepted such a large percentage of global products filling our stores, without a major reaction many years ago, knowing that too much outsourcing was hurting Jobs for American workers and the well-being of America’s economy.

When you see and hear these advertisements, consider that there are mainly promoting the JOBS and JOB SKILLS of foreign workers, and not the jobs and job skills of American workers. As the Buy American Made Campaign has promoted for many years, it's time for America to stop being the sales point for products from around the world and restore a competitive American made product for EVERY item now sold in the United States.

As a supporter of the Buy American Made Campaign, you’re asked to speak up everywhere you shop so that store managers and staff know that you’re looking to spend your dollars on products and services that employ all levels of American workers.

Thanks for your participation. Kindly spread the word. Email me your comments and suggestions to:

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