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Commentary from Saturday, March 22, 2014

Education Budgets Now Being Discussed!

Education budgets in states across America are now being discussed for the next school year. Each week as we discuss ways to restore industries and jobs, we see that it's time for taxpayers to ask how America’s educational system is preparing America’s youth for the future.

America’s taxpayers want EDUCATION that promotes reading, writing, math skills as well as American and world history, but what about more focus on basic life skills and work skills that will benefit America’s youth for a life time? Political leaders and school boards talk about quality education, but what is actually being accomplished?

We can all agree that by junior high school students should be exposed to a variety of career opportunities. By graduation, every student should have had several classes that would place them on the path to long-term employment.

In the new world, economy students should consider the full range of options available to them, from professions like medicine, education, law and business, to vital trades like construction, plumbing, heating and air conditioning and manufacturing.

The point of this week's commentary is to make note that there is a lack of national guidelines for America’s schools that guide students to long term careers. For several years, the news media has reported that America does not have enough skilled workers which is a real concern for America’s future. This is the time for parents and taxpayers to speak up to school administrators and ask for written reports about how educational dollars are being spent. It would be appropriate to ask that those plans be posted on the Internet with accomplishments and expected goals. The dollars used for education represent your tax dollars so help us change the direction of education in America so America’s youth are ready and able to compete for jobs in U.S.A.

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