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Commentary from Saturday, March 20, 2021

Time Moves Very Quickly!

Since we can’t stop time, let’s use it wisely! That is certainly what the Buy American Made Campaign has been doing to bring people together to promote ways to rebuild America’s industries and restore jobs lost to foreign countries. This is the main reason we urge everyone to support America’s small and large businesses, non-union and union and the self-employed. By supporting our fellow Americans we can help them earn a living, and at the same time, circulate our hard earned dollars on products and services provided by American Workers.

America’s census reports show us that the population in the United States continues grow, but the number of jobs for working age and able-bodied Americans has NOT increased enough to reflect population growth. This simply means that valuable time and jobs were lost to the global economy at the expenses of America and American workers.

With your help we are using our time wisely to promote American made, America’s businesses and American workers. Kindly invite your family and friends to support the country where they live and the jobs which employ your family, friends and neighbors.

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