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Commentary from Saturday, March 18, 2023

How Quickly Time Moves Forward!

They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words. We can agree with that statement as we look at pictures of ourselves and consider How Quickly Time Moves Forward. It is the same when we look at pictures of the changing landscape of America as our industries were lost to foreign countries. The lack of concern demonstrated by America’s leaders, as businesses and jobs left America and took with them the long-term well-being of American workers and America’s families, is staggering. It’s time to change the landscape of our great country and restore industries and jobs for our fellow-Americans.

None of us can understand how businesses continued to moved out of the United States without America’s national leaders questioning how Americans would be able to be employed and support themselves. Each of us knows that businesses left America to escape rising taxes, higher operating costs and growing government regulations. Why haven’t America’s national leaders been able to receive this message? Rising costs simply made it necessary for businesses to look outside of the United States to produce their products. This has unfortunately been happening for over 35 years and now with rising inflation costs, America’s businesses have another reason to make more products outside of the United States.

A quick look at America’s most recent jobs report posted on the U.S Debt Clock shows us that every year America’s population increased, but the number of jobs for working age and able-bodied Americans has NOT increased during the last 20 years. This simply means that valuable time continues to be lost because a growth in population always requires a growth in employment opportunities.

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