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Commentary from Saturday, March 17, 2012

High Gas Prices Are Hurting America's Recovery!

As the American people work together to improve America's economy, forces outside of our control have us spend more of our money on GAS which means we have less money to support America's overall economy.

How many years will it take for America's National Elected Leaders to get the message that high gas prices affect everything around us. High gas prices impact the cost of shipping food and other products to stores, the cost of going shopping and everything else in our daily lives. The price of a gallon of gas includes, cost of foreign or domestic crude oil, Wall Street speculators who purchase and sell the oil, refining and distribution costs, and state and federal taxes. I believe it is finally time to address the cost of GAS and seek out lobbyists and Wall Street speculators who can help lower the cost of gas from foreign and domestic sources.

Protecting the American people is what national leaders were elected to do, so it's difficult to understand why they are not working harder for the American people during this economic crisis. From the first time there was a major increase in gas prices, I said that America must become more energy self-sufficient and urged national elected officials to lead the cause for energy self-sufficiency. I also stated the American people should not be held hostage by foreign oil providers when we have enough gas in America right now to satisfy our needs for more than 100 years.

More importantly, our National Elected Leaders should have been directing automobile manufacturers to produce cars that are fuel efficient so that mileage goes up and gas consumption goes down. When the cost of a barrel of oil rises to more than our price standards permit, we should always be able to rely on the oil supplies in the U.S.A. until the price of foreign oil is once again in our price range.

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