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Commentary from Saturday, March 16, 2024

Time Never Stops! Let's Use it to Help Each Other!

All of us talk about how quickly time moves forward and how great it would be if we could slow time down. We all see that the clock never stops so compliments to the American people for focusing more of their time on efforts like the Buy American Made Campaign, which continues to promote ways to rebuild America’s industries and restore jobs for our fellow-Americans.

Every time someone asks why such a focus on American Made, let them know that successful businesses, jobs, and a skilled workforce are all interconnected. A quick look at America’s census report shows that every year America’s population increases, but the number of jobs for working age and able-bodied Americans has NOT increased to the level needed for a growing population. This simply means that valuable time is being lost because growth in population always requires a growth in employment opportunities.

For over 35 years, foreign leaders went out of their way to help American businesses to relocate to their countries in order to expand job opportunities for their people. America’s national leaders ignored the transfer of jobs and industries out of the United States. This loss of jobs required expanded government programs to hide the fact that jobs were leaving the United States, which also put America in increasing debt each year.

Special thanks to all who are customers of products made, assembled and serviced in the United States of America. Your participation continues to help America and American workers.

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