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Commentary from Saturday, March 16, 2013

"The Blichasz Plan"

For several years I have offered suggestions on ways to support American Workers and the businesses that employ them. After discussions with thousands of people and hundreds of radio broadcast commentaries and newspaper articles, I am offering a brief and achievable summary. I'll call it "The Blichasz Plan". I feel our national elected leaders should follow these suggestions for the well-being of every American:

America's 50 governors should organize a state-wide business conference to hear the ideas of their states' business leaders for maintaining and creating jobs. This input should be documented and followed by a national conference with governors, the president and leaders of Congress to review each state's suggestions.
America's leaders must outline long-term tax incentives for businesses operating in the U.S.A. and those businesses that are considering bringing their operations back to America.
Americans must focus even more attention on the "Buy American Made Campaign" efforts to strengthen America's industries and create more jobs. Buying American made should be mandated for all products and services purchased by the government with our tax dollars.
School authorities should mandate workforce development programs in every school so America's students know what job skills are needed by the private sector businesses of TODAY and TOMORROW. There is no reason Americans are unable to compete in the global economy with skilled workers and profitable businesses. America's taxpayers pay for schools; we should promote the subjects that benefit America.
Eliminate all tax loopholes for corporations that manufacture overseas and import their products for sale in America.
Businesses that produce merchandise in America should receive additional tax incentives to help them expand the flow of American made items in our stores.
America's businesses must renew their tradition of innovation so that more jobs can be created and we can get America's industries moving again.
Institute an America Corps program where young people across the U.S.A. can help with community services in return for college tuition credits or job training credits.
America's infrastructure needs a lot of attention. Our tax dollars must be invested to revitalize our roads, bridges and communities and in the process create additional jobs and skilled jobs.
We the American people have the power to change America's economy by supporting more American made EVERYTHING! Buying more American made will help circulate more of our dollars in the U.S.A. and improve America's over-all economy.

These are just a few suggestions that could help America and American workers. It would be good for national, state and local elected leaders to make them a priority.

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