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Commentary from Saturday, March 15, 2014

Time Moves Very Quickly!

Every one of us sees how quickly time moves forward and we see how important it is for us to use our time wisely.

The focus of the Buy American Made Campaign is to bring people together to promote ways to rebuild America’s industries and restore jobs now because we all see that time stands still for no one. By supporting America’s small and large businesses, non-union and union and the self-employed more Americans have the opportunity to earn a living and we circulate more American earned dollars within America’s economy.

When people ask why I promote America’s economy so much, I tell them successful businesses, jobs, and a skilled workforce are all interconnected. A quick look at America’s most recent census shows that every year America’s population increases, but the number of jobs for working age and able-bodied Americans has NOT increased to reflect population growth. This simply means that valuable time continues to be lost because a growth in population always requires a growth in employment opportunities. Other countries helped businesses relocate in order to expand jobs for their people. America’s national leaders ignored the of loss of jobs and industries, expanded social programs to hide the loss of jobs and in the process placed America in debt.

Because our efforts are making a positive difference I urge you to help us promote 2014 as the Year of American Made and be a customer of products made, assembled and serviced in the U.S.A.

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