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Commentary from Saturday, March 14, 2015

Nothing Happens Without a Lot of Effort!

We can all agree that “Nothing Happens Without A Lot Of Effort”! Considering this statement, it’s good to see that positive things have happened for American workers as a result of a lot of effort by millions of Americans responding to the message of the Buy American Made Campaign.

In recent years America’s consumers have made it a mission to help their fellow Americans by seeking out and purchasing the products made, assembled and serviced by American workers. Looking at labels, asking store managers to increase their supply of American made inventory and purchasing items made in the U.S.A. has been an eye opener for shoppers and your participation has been making a difference.

A few years ago, many supporters reported there was a limited selection between imported and American made products, today they report that there is some improvement with the number of products made in the U.S.A. This has been especially helpful with manufacturers who promote their products as made in America. One important way our supporters have made a major difference is by purchasing the American made items now available which moves inventory off store shelves and keeps Americans employed replacing the inventory that was sold. In the process of spending our dollars in support of American made we are demonstrating that items made in America will be profitable for businesses and investors.

In recent months we have heard that jobs in America have increased. This is great news and we are interested to know exactly what type of jobs they represent. To insure that more full-time and skilled jobs become available to compete with foreign made items, focus your spending on American made so investors see consumers are supporting products with American made labels. With more investment in America it will help us speak out about the expansion of Vocational Education Classes in America’s junior and senior high schools and community colleges. With more skilled graduates every year, more full-time jobs will be created as businesses increase manufacturing the items regularly being purchased by America’s consumers. We all want to hear that new job opportunities have increased in every sector of America’s economy from manufacturing, to sales and services. But we also want to hear that these are not simply basic level jobs, but jobs that will provide full and part time job opportunities for working-age and able-bodied Americans seeking to support themselves. Spread the word to everyone you know because Nothing Happens In America or Anywhere Else Without A Lot Of Effort!

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