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Commentary from Saturday, March 13, 2010

America Needs Our Attention!

It is without question that things were different for American workers when America dominated the world economically. That period came about as a result of America’s industrial revolution and the tens of millions of manufacturing jobs that were created, using the latest machines of the time to mass produce items from clothing to automobiles.

As the Buy American Made Campaign continues, people realize it’s time to return to an economy that includes a strong and expanding manufacturing base and people are also speaking up more and using their purchasing power wisely to support the American made products available in stores. Despite some progress, much more needs to be done to stimulate the private sector to expand manufacturing here in the United States of America.

I continue to hear about businesses who are considering opening new lines or expanding their present manufacturing lines, but are having difficulty getting credit to make product expansion and new employment opportunities possible. American workers are also asking me to urge everyone to contact elected officials to promote tax incentives to get people back to work.

Another suggestion is for the American people to contact their federal elected officials to revise the tariffs on imported items. This would help make American made items more price competitive with imported products. Presently the tariff on imports is low, while the tariff on American products exported to other countries is high.

Unfortunately, there was no consideration as to how American workers would financially support themselves when jobs were being shipped overseas, or how Americans would continue to purchase American made or imported products when they were unemployed. This is another reason why I urge you to buy American made so that the situation doesn’t get worse.

Based on my research, there are still many American made products available on the market. However, businesses often choose to buy imported products first because the profit margin is much greater for them. So to help combat this issue, spend your dollars wisely and go out of your way to seek out American made products. If you can’t find what you’re looking for with an American made label, be sure to alert store personnel and let them know where you stand on this issue.

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