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Commentary from Saturday, March 12, 2022

We Are Now More United and Informed!

The events of the first few months of 2022 have shown us that our efforts in past years to restore industries in the United States remain vital to America’s future.  While the American people are doing their best to support America and American made, they continue to be disappointed to see foreign made products more available to purchase than American made products. The supply chain issues we experienced during the last year have also shown Americans the danger of being dependent upon foreign made imports.

For many years, our elected officials in Washington, DC have neglected to take effective action to address the reasons why over 70,000 of America's businesses chose to leave the United States. Many businesses and jobs left the United States to escape rising taxes, the rising cost of operating a business and too many regulations placed on America's businesses. Cheaper labor, less taxes and the ability to gain higher profits for investors have further motivated businesses to locate their companies overseas.

After over 30 years of inaction, it is vital for America’s politicians to lower business taxes and regulations and provide incentives that will encourage businesses to expand and return to the United States of America.

Additionally, America’s loss of its energy independence and the rising cost of fuel continue to aggravate both businesses and the American people. It’s time for politicians to restore all levels of energy production in the United States and focus on every way possible to strengthen America’s energy independence.

Kindly spread the word and seek out products with Made in the U.S.A. labels and support your local businesses who appreciate your business.

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