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Commentary from Saturday, March 12, 2016

Stay Focused on American Made!


It is great to see more Americans united behind efforts to support America’s private sector industries that are making, selling and servicing products in the United States of America. While we welcome and depend on trading with nations of the world, American made products should be equally available and welcomed by other nations. Because too many of America’s industries downsized or chose to move overseas it has resulted in fewer jobs in the U.S.A. and now less American made products circulated in America and available for sale around the world.

When people ask, "How are we going to restore industries in the U.S.A. now that other countries have already flooded the American market with their products? I answer simply: stay focused on purchasing American made so more domestic products are circulated in America’s stores. This is really the key to creating more jobs and job skills for American workers. Once more American made products are in circulation there is no reason for them not to be available for sale where we shop and available on the world market place.

Your support for America’s businesses is helping maintain their present product lines and encouraging them to expand their product lines which will create more jobs for American workers. From what I am told by local businesses owners and store managers, customers asking for American made products has resulted in them seeking out American made products from their suppliers. As we continue to promote the Buy American Made Campaign, I encourage you to speak up where you shop and spread the word to others.

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