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Commentary from Saturday, February 9, 2013

Innovation, Technology, Skilled Workers & Customers!

Every day more Americans are uniting behind efforts to support American workers representing small and large businesses, non-union and union, and the self-employed. Although our campaign continues to gain momentum, we have a long way to go to restore jobs in the U.S.A. Our efforts continue to make a difference and without the growing number of people involved in the Buy American Made Campaign more jobs in America would have been lost. As we continue our campaign, I ask that you promote the following points:

Innovation: For more than two centuries tens-of-thousands of products were invented and manufactured in America. Today, America’s private sector businesses have the power to restore tens- of-millions of jobs so it time for national elected and business leaders to show us what can be accomplished when all levels of leadership work together.
Technology: There is no reason why Americans can’t produce competitive products of every type and help restore America’s industries and jobs.
Skilled Workers: Businesses should inform the American people what skills the industries of TODAY and TOMORROW need and that information should be the focus of school systems across the U.S.A.
WE MUST speak up where we shop and encourage businesses to seek out more American made products from their suppliers. There are more American made products available but they are not promoted by merchandisers mainly because they can receive more profits from imported items. Because of this, many American made products do not receive the shelf space and distribution they need to grow, which means there are fewer jobs for American workers.
Every business needs customers so your words at the cash register and your spending habits let business owners know what their customers are thinking and how they are spending their dollars. I never heard of a business stating they need less business, so spend your dollars in support of American made FIRST.

With more of us involved in the Buy American Made Campaign, political and business leaders are getting the message that the American people want leaders working together to move America’s economy forward.

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