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Commentary from Saturday, February 8, 2014

More Business Leaders Needed!

After reviewing the last 40 years of national leadership in America, I see we need more candidates who have business experience, not only experience operating a political campaign. This is especially true because:

1. During the last 40 years, tens-of-millions of jobs and job skills were lost to foreign countries which means income for American workers have also been lost.

2. Trade and industrial arts programs have been reduced in America's schools, instead of expanding programs that would help America's graduates have the jobs skills needed to be competitive in a growing global economy.

3. At this time, 40 million Americans need full or part-time jobs to earn a living and support themselves.

4. Today, 47 million Americans are living in poverty and depend on taxpayer funded programs because they don’t have enough income and there are not enough jobs in America for them to fill.

5. America continues to borrow over 40 cents of every dollar it spends to pay the basic bills which are authorized by America’s national leaders.

Our national elected leaders have those facts and figures available to them at all times. Because they did not act wisely the American people find themselves with a growing working age population, but not enough jobs available so they could support themselves. The question is could private sector business leaders operate a business that loses money every second of the day? The answer is no so I’m sure you agree it is time for us to elect more national leaders with business experience so Americans can get back to work, reduce America’s debt, restore jobs and job skills, and America’s economy.

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