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Commentary from Saturday, February 7, 2015

Increased Manufacturing Means More Jobs For Americans!

If anyone asked you where particular products are available for sale, I’m sure you could offer them some suggestions on where to shop. If you were asked which stores offered the largest selection of American made products, could you answer that question with some authority? Changing the lack of knowledge about what is actually made in America has been one of the major goals of the Buy American Made Campaign. We continue to ask our supporters to look at labels and spend more of their money on items made in America so we can keep the jobs we presently have and create more jobs to meet the demands of America’s consumers.

In recent years we have focused our efforts on the fact that too many products are being made outside of America and not enough are being manufactured in the United States of America. As we contacted national elected leaders we were often told that we live in a FREE MARKET ECONOMY so it’s difficult to create laws to keep businesses in America. That being said, there is NO REASON why the American people can’t create their own demand for American made products. Every time WE buy American made WE not only help private sector businesses remain operational in the U.S.A. but also creates an ongoing demand for products being made in America right now. Most importantly, why can’t America’s national leaders help businesses in America to be more competitive by offering them long-term tax incentives to make doing business in America the best way to do business.

After 30 years of America being flooded by cheaper foreign imports, it’s time for the American people to take charge of their own destiny and support the businesses and industries that are employing Americans. It’s hard to understand how we allowed it to reach the point where 90% or more of products traditionally made in America are NOW being imported from overseas.

As we promote our 2015 theme “GROW JOBS IN AMERICA”, I urge you to take the Buy American Made Challenge and direct all of your buying power in support of American workers from the point of production to the point of sale. Thanks for promoting our efforts! America Needs US!

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