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Commentary from Saturday, February 5, 2022

Use Your Dollars to Support American Workers!

With the growing commitment of our fellow Americans to support the products made in the United States, we are seeing positive results.  As America’s consumers use their purchasing power to support American made, we are making it known that America CAN’T CONTINUE TO BE THE SALES POINT FOR FOREIGN MERCHANDISE. Our goal is to restore a reasonable selection of American made products as we continue to promote no less than a 50% balance of what is sold in America being made in America again.

With your support, the Buy American Made Campaign is urging businesses to restore all levels of jobs so we can return to being a nation of multi-skilled workers with the capability of producing competitive items of every type now being sold in the United States.

As we work to make more positive changes come about, I encourage you to network with family, friends and neighbors and let them know which American made products you purchased lately and promote the stores where you purchased them. Businesses selling predominantly foreign made products must see that America’s consumers are walking away from their stores because they are not offering enough of a selection of American made items to their customers.

At this point, everything depends on store owners interested in featuring more American made products to meet the demands of their customers and businesses owners demanding more American made products from the merchandisers that supply their stores.

Thanks for your participation and for spreading the word. Email me your comments and suggestions to:

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