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Commentary from Saturday, February 4, 2012

If A Job Opening Was Available, Are You Ready?

As I continue to speak with people about restoring America's industries, some ask me to suggest how they can help. First, I urge them to support the Buy American Made Campaign so more job openings become a reality. In our conversations, people tell me how disappointed they are with national leaders and the fact that 24 million Americans need jobs. I ask them, if a job opening was available for you TODAY, are you ready to go on the interview? Some respond immediately, yes, I'm ready to go, while others realize that they need to update their resume.

To make sure you're always prepared for job opportunities that match your skills, I'm suggesting that you do the following:

1. Have a one page updated resume available at all times. A printed copy and an electronic version are necessary.

2. Your resume should outline your most recent employment history as well as your past experience. A one page outline of your experience is what prospective employers want to receive. Employers need to know what you have to offer they if they hire you today. On your resume be sure to indicate your willingness to undergo training for your personal growth and for the success of the company.

3. Be realistic. Look at your own resume and consider how employable you are for the jobs presently available.

These few suggestions will help you be prepared, so if the telephone rings today or tomorrow, you are ready for the interview that could benefit you and America's economy?

Because we are in a very competitive world so it is up to job seekers to be ready for an interview at a moment's notice so I urge you to be prepared.

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