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Commentary from Saturday, February 3, 2024

America Needs MORE Trade and Industrial Arts Programs!

There continues to be an outstanding response to American Workers Radio discussing EDUCATION in America. Listeners agree that every high school student should be offered TRADE programs like: Plumbing, Electrical, Heating and Air Conditioning, Mechanics, Carpentry, Automotive, and Industrial Arts Programs like: Engineering, Drafting, Clothing Design and Manufacturing, Welding and others that reflect life-long skills needed by America’s businesses.

40 years ago 60% of high school students were offered academic courses as well as Trade and Industrial Arts programs during regular school days. Today, about 25% of Public High Schools offer America’s young people access to Trade and Technology programs with the guidance of teachers helping prepare them to enter the work force with a skill. We need to get back to the majority of America’s High School students having full access to Trade and Technology programs, because America’s businesses need workers with job skills training.

As was stated many times on American Workers Radio, there continues to be a critical need to replace skilled workers who are retiring every day. Additionally, if America does not have enough new young workers to fill jobs, it becomes another reason for businesses to outsource the manufacturing of their products around the world.  We can’t allow that to continue. In order to stop it, America’s parents and taxpayers must contact local elected officials and local school boards to voice their support for the restoration of Trades and Industrial Arts Programs in every High School possible. Remind them that America needs High Schools students prepared to enter America’s work force upon graduation.

Document all of your efforts and share your efforts with family and friends.

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