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Commentary from Saturday, February 27, 2021

Looking Out For One Another!

It is without question that the coronavirus pandemic has changed so many things in our daily lives. We wear masks to be with others and virtual meetings became necessary to do our job and connect with family and friends. We have learned about the critical importance of taking precautions and being more accountable for our actions.

The point of today's commentary is to urge everyone to do everything possible to be safe and also to look out for the long-term well-being of our family, friends and neighbors. We need to do everything possible to keep our fellow Americans employed as we rebuild our economy. Seeking out American made and shopping at local businesses are just a two ways to help American workers and restore America's economy.

We all have to help restore a competitive balance of no less than a 50-50 balance between American made and foreign made in almost every category of the products we use either occasionally or on a regular basis. So often people tell me they remember when you didn't have to look at labels because the items were mainly made in America. Now it’s difficult to find some products made in the U.S.A.

The FIRST weekend of every month is National Small Business Weekend. Your support for your local businesses helps America's small businesses, the people they employ and the local communities where you live. For more information about this effort visit:

Thanks for helping spread the word about the Buy American Made Campaign. Together we are helping our fellow Americans remain employed and able to support themselves. Kindly spread the word.
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