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Commentary from Saturday, February 26, 2022

America's Students Need You To Speak Up!

This is the time of year School Boards across America are meeting to decide the direction of their schools in September. As we often say, America’s schools need to educate students for the jobs that are currently available in the United States. In the new world economy, basics like reading, writing and math skills certainly remain important, along with career paths in medicine, education, research and development, or operating a small business. HOWEVER, America’s schools must now focus on expanding trade classes like: plumbing, heating and air conditioning, welding, construction and manufacturing. These are jobs that are needed in America RIGHT NOW to avoid further outsourcing of jobs overseas.

Restoring trade classes is very important because 10,000 Americans continue to retire from the workforce EVERY DAY and America needs a large number of people to replace the people who retire. Many of those people are skilled trade workers.

Without a new focus on what needs to be taught in America’s schools, young people will continue to be unaware of the skills that are needed to replenish America’s workforce. Trade and Industrial Arts programs need to be promoted so students are ready to join America’s workforce upon graduation.

To help alert the right people, all taxpayers are urged to contact school principals and school board members and ask for a written report on the types of programs they offer to prepare students for today’s workforce so you can review the information yourself. Remember, we the taxpayers help educate America’s young people in public schools, so don’t hesitate to ask questions and expect answers.

We welcome your suggestions. Send them to Thanks for your participation.

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