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Commentary from Saturday, February 25, 2023

National Small Business Weekend
The First Full Weekend of Each Month!

As more Americans help to spread the word about restoring jobs and America's economy, everyone is urged to help us promote "National Small Business Weekend" on the First Friday, Saturday and Sunday of every month.

We began this special campaign in March, 2012, in response to local businesses stating that they lost customers to larger stores. In order to help local businesses, we encouraged supporters of the Buy American Made Campaign to shop local more often and we began the National Small Business Weekend effort to show our supporters how important local businesses are to their communities.

The fact of the matter is that there are millions of locally-owned private sector businesses in communities all over the United States. Locally owned businesses presently employ over 60 million American workers and they need your business throughout the year to keep people employed. Additionally, a large percentage of every dollar spent at local businesses is re-circulated within your local economy for general operational expenses like: rent, utilities, employees and taxes. As we spend our dollars at local stores we also have the opportunity to encourage store owners to seek out larger selections of American made products from their merchandisers.

As more of America’s consumers shop locally and seek out American made products, we help American based manufacturing facilities to remain open and help expand manufacturing in the United States of America. As we direct our purchasing power to support local businesses, we are helping to save jobs for Americans and helping to make more job opportunities possible. For more information visit the National Small Business Weekend link on the front page of

Thanks for your participation and for spreading the word. Email me your comments and suggestions to:

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