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Commentary from Saturday, February 25, 2017

What Type of Responses Do You Receive?

The feedback from Buy American Made supporters is always very informative.  There are two responses most often heard:

I'm trying to buy American made, BUT imported products overwhelm just about every store where I shop.  When I try to ask for American made the sales people say they only work there and have nothing to do with the items sold at the store.
Store clerks often say many people are asking for American made, but sales people are told to ask customers, does it really matter where a product is made if you need to buy it now?

These are just a few responses our supporters encounter when shopping, and they also show that people are more involved in trying to buy American made products.  Americans are seeing the degree of damage caused by outsourcing and how important it is for us to support the American made label and in the process help businesses in the U.S.A. rebuild the American made label. In the last 30 years more than 70,000 factories producing American made products move out of the United States of America and millions of jobs for Americans were lost.

To help us expand our campaign I urge you to make a shopping list and check off what you have found that is made in the U.S.A. and what you have found that is only available as an imported product.  Businesses, politicians and the news media are all discussing our concerns on a regular basis because more and more people are voicing concerns about what has happened to America's employment opportunities. Thanks for your help!

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