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Commentary from Saturday, February 25, 2012

Private Sector Jobs Are The Key To Success!

As we look closely at what happened to America's job landscape during the last 30 years, we know that large numbers of PRIVATE SECTOR BUSINESSES left the U.S.A. for many reasons. Two of the reasons most often stated are taxes and regulations, followed by the cost of labor. These are good reasons, but not good enough to understand why national leaders could not have addressed all issues many years ago.

My suggestions would bring about results:

1. National elected and business leaders should sit down in a public forum and develop plans we can all understand that will restore the 24 million jobs needed in the U.S.A.

2. Their focus must be on every industry. We need income generators for both business owners and American workers. Their efforts must begin with an outline of lasting tax reductions focused on lasting employment opportunities in a business friendly environment across the U.S.A. With all leaders working together and more American workers employed, dollars will circulate in America's economy and provide profits for business investors as well as income to maintain needed government services.

3. Through our purchasing power and our support for more American made products, we will move inventory and circulate dollars that will help ensure that new jobs can be created every day!

4. As positive changes take place in the U.S.A., private sector businesses will create jobs and job skills and America's economy will get moving again not only at the stock market level, but for America's workers and communities.

We the American people to play a more active role in our own destiny. I urge you to support the Buy American Made Campaign every day. Speak up where you shop, look at labels to see if the stores are offering a selection of American made items and support your local community businesses. Together we will help restore America’s economy and expand employment opportunities.

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