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Commentary from Saturday, February 23, 2013

Our Supporters Have Made a Difference!

It is because of the millions of people supporting American made products that we have been able to bring attention to the imbalance between foreign and American made items in our stores. The efforts of so many supporters has helped us see that America is under great stress from the loss of jobs and the weight of the $16 trillion dollar debt approved by America’s national elected leaders. Today, high unemployment and the national debt continue to cause hardship for all Americans.

The efforts of American Workers Need You support every level of America’s workers, those representing small and large businesses, non-union and union, and the self employed. Because of our ongoing efforts, every day the American people seen more clearly that we don't have enough jobs to support the people presently unemployed, let alone the millions of people seeking part time jobs, those seeking to re-enter the workforce or high school and college graduates seeking a first-time job.

The efforts of the Buy American Made Campaign have also helped demonstrate that a sizable portion of every dollar we spend benefits more foreign workers than our fellow Americans. This sad reality continues as industries and jobs are outsourced around the world and our national leaders look the other way.

I'm looking for the national leaders who asked for our votes and are being paid to represent our best interests to start working closely with private sector businesses to insure the rebirth of America's industries. We need our national leaders to focus on restoring the jobs that should have never been lost.

As we come near the end of another month we see it's time once again to promote "National Small Business Weekend" which takes place during the First Friday, Saturday and Sunday of every month. This effort seeks to help our community businesses so they can remain vibrant and keep people employed. I know that much of what is being sold in America's stores is foreign made, but until we can restore the balance we need, I encourage you to support all businesses employing American workers and urge them to feature more American made products.

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