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Commentary from Saturday, February 22, 2020

America's Students Need You!

Very often we discuss the urgent need to restore the education programs in America’s schools that reflect the skills needed by TODAY’S employers across the United States. As a result of lowering taxes and unnecessary regulations on America’s Businesses and promoting a more competitive free-market economy, America is seeing a major increase in jobs throughout the United States.

With the major increase in businesses and jobs, it is urgent that we have America's graduates ready and able to fill the jobs needed by America's employers. By not addressing every type of employment possibility in America’s middle and high schools, students are graduating without knowing what would be the proper career for them to pursue. As more jobs are created in the United States, it is also urgent that America’s employers let school boards know the type of workforce they need to maintain and expand their businesses in the United States not only now, but in the future.

It is without question that subjects like reading, writing and math are very important, however, we also have to expand trade classes like: plumbing, heating and air conditioning, welding, construction and manufacturing, in addition to promoting careers like health care, legal services and teaching. We must remember the fact that 10,000 Americans retire from the workforce EVERY DAY taking their jobs skills with them. America’s schools need to work to prepare graduates to replace retiring workers as well as for the more automated and technology workforce needed in 2020 and beyond.

All parents and all taxpayers are encouraged to contact school principals and school board members now as they prepare budgets for the next few school years. We need to insure that America’s students receive a quality education that will lead to many levels of employment opportunities. I urge you to contact your local middle and high school principals this week to place your concerns on their list of priorities. Thanks for your participation.

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