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Commentary from Saturday, February 20, 2021

Time Waits for No One!

From time-to-time it’s important to remember that the Clock Goes In One Direction, “FORWARD”, and that Time Waits for No One! As we watch changes in the economy over the past 35 years, we recognize the negative impact of industrial downsizing and movement of production overseas. Businesses that left America did not foresee the cost to American workers in lost jobs.

Business executives continue to blame their departure on rising taxes, regulations and the rising cost of manufacturing. In recent years, taxes and regulations have been reduced, and national elected leaders need to find additional incentives to keep industries in America or welcome back those that left.

The American people are working hard to address the aftermath of the year-long coronavirus pandemic. An important way America’s consumers can help is by seeking out American made products so that more Americans can be employed.

The Buy American Made Campaign is encouraging everyone to concentrate on supporting businesses that manufacture, sell, ship and promote their products as made in the United States so that more jobs are available for the American people.

Thanks for your participation. American Workers Need Us.

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