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Commentary from Saturday, February 1, 2014

Jobs, Healthcare & Taxpayer Supported Programs!

I’m pleased to share some of the feedback from supporters of the "Buy American Made" campaign, which reflect major changes in the way Americans are thinking and reacting:

1. Working age Americans want more PRIVATE SECTOR JOBS available so they can work, earn a living, share their jobs skills and support themselves, without relying on government subsidies.

2. American workers and taxpayers want to be respected for the good they do to support America’s economy, without unfair and rising tax burdens.

3. Americans want a health care system that provides the best care to all at the most reasonable costs. It's time to document exactly how health care dollars are being spent and what types of overspending can be eliminated.

4. Americans want ineffective social welfare programs to be identified and eliminated.

5. Americans want to restore trade and industrial arts programs in schools across the United States of America, so that EVERY working age American has the opportunity to have at least one job skill to offer their future employers.

6. Americans feel the term “Government supported programs" should be changed to "TAXPAYER paid for programs”, since the taxpayers are paying the bills authorized by elected officials and then administered by government departments.

These are just a few of the ideas I often receive from supporters who hear my commentary on the radio, in the newspapers or on the Internet. As we continue to promote “2014, The Year of American Made”, I encourage you to look for American made products and speaking up where you shop about the "Buy American Made" campaign. I will share more of your ideas in the future. Send your suggestions to me at:

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