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Commentary from Saturday, February 19, 2022

Shop Around During Presidents' Day & Winter Season Sales!

Radio, Television and Internet Advertisements are promoting Presidents’ Day and winter season sales. As the winter season winds down, stores want to move inventory to make room for spring and summer products.

Our supporters, store owners and merchandisers are reporting that a growing number of America’s consumers are requesting American made products. This is good to hear and we need to support all efforts to make more of what we purchase with made in the United States labels. Part of our problems came about as a result of Americans not shopping around for American made, but rather accepting whatever was available in stores. Unfortunately, foreign merchandisers took advantage of the opportunity to make more profit for themselves and this led to a major growth in foreign products which now represent up to 80% of what is available in large numbers of stores throughout the United States.

Restoring industries in America that moved overseas is easier said than done, but the continued interest in businesses to reinvest in the United States again can reverse the tide of what we have experienced in the last 30 years if we remain focused on efforts like the Buy American Made Campaign.

y using the “look at labels formula” and directing our purchases to the products still made in America, we demonstrate the benefits of businesses investing in America again, which will keep more of our money circulating in the United States and keep Americans employed.

Thanks to the radio program hosts, newspaper editors, Internet sites and community organizations that are helping us promote the importance of restoring industries in America and jobs for Americans.

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