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Commentary from Saturday, February 17, 2018

Manufacturing, Distribution & Sales Are Growing!

Our supporters see that the way to restore greater prosperity in America and address the need for lasting employment opportunities is to increase manufacturing, distribution, and sales of American made products.

In order for us to fully restore America's economy, the American people must be more selective of what we decide to purchase or consciously decide not to purchase. We must always make it known to business owners and investors that we are seeking to purchase products with made in American labels at both brick and mortar stores and on the Internet.

The long-term goal of the American people must be to produce quality and competitive products that will be available side-by-side with the foreign made products now filling America’s stores. Our most important goal is to expand employment opportunities of every type and prepare workers with the job skills needed by businesses in America today and in the future. By expanding Industrial Arts Programs in America’s schools we will insure that job opportunities for American workers will continue to grow.

It is good to hear more radio, newspaper, Internet and television reports promoting the Buy American Made Campaign. They have added to the momentum and desire for change that the American people want. I urge you to help keep the momentum going by inviting your family and friends to support the efforts of the Buy American Made Campaign and promote our 2018 theme which encourages America’s businesses to highlight on their labels and packaging that the products are made or assembled in the United States of America.

Thanks for your participation and remember that American workers and future generations are depending on us.

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