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Commentary from Saturday, February 16, 2013

No Skills - No Future!

Due to long-term unemployment in America, everyone seeking to be employed must refine their job skills and be prepared for as many job opportunities.

During the last 10 years it has become evident that service oriented jobs in the U.S.A. have leveled off. In order to create new job opportunities, we must continue to promote the restoration of our manufacturing base and produce products for sale here and export overseas. To have success we need as many skilled workers ready and able for every employment opportunity possible.

While national leaders have focused on social issues caused in part by the loss of America's industries and unemployment, I have urged you to focus your attention and spending power in support of businesses already manufacturing in the U.S.A. so we can see jobs expanding and being created. I continue to urge national elected leaders to enact long-term tax incentives NOW so businesses know why it benefits them more to manufacture in America.

Our efforts have had to be more vigorous in recent years because the attention of our national media is focused on other matters rather than helping us promote the of importance of reestablishing manufacturing here in America, where it would employ our people and expand our economy.

At this time of change, I urge you to review your own jobs skills and make yourself a plan of action, so that as job opportunities grow you are ready to offer your skills to potential employers. As the title of this commentary states "No Skills - No Future", Americans have to accept that we are now in a global economy where modern technology requires fewer workers in most job environments. To insure that employers have the American workers they need, I encourage you to document your skills on a one page resume and have it ready to go on a job interview at a moment's notice.

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