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Commentary from Saturday, February 11, 2023

Time to Look Out More for America!

All of us see the benefit of America’s consumers looking to support local businesses and private sector industries that have the potential to increase jobs and job skills for working aged and able-bodied Americans.

With the new concern of ongoing INFLATION, which is affecting America’s future, America’s taxpayers feel that GOVERNMENT leaders should serve as a role model for America’s consumers. It would be good if all levels of government were mandated to purchase 80% of the supplies for America’s public schools, hospitals, military, police, roads, bridges, security and many others, with our tax dollars.  If United States government leaders help to create a demand for products made and assembled in the United States of America, more long term quality employment opportunities will be created for American workers. Consider what we have discussed in the past, because a few important questions need to be answered. They include:

Why don’t national leaders understand the needs and concerns of the American people?
Why haven’t national leaders taken more action to work with America’s private sector businesses to maintain and expand quality job opportunities for American workers, the people that help pay taxes, and help pay America’s bills?
Why don’t government leaders understand that tax dollars are a main source of funding and borrowing money to maintain government services simply places America in debt without a solution to America’s present day and future well-being?

One of our major concerns is America needs more employment opportunities for its growing population, not more social programs that hide the fact that working age and able-bodied Americans need more employment opportunities in order support themselves and help reduce poverty and government programs.

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