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Commentary from Saturday, January 8, 2022

Help Us Make 2022 a Year to Focus on American Made!

In 2022 we begin the 23rd Anniversary of promoting “American Workers Need You” and the “Buy American Made Campaign”.

It was in January 1999, when we agreed that we must urge America’s consumers to make a special effort to seek out American made to support the businesses that employ American workers. 23 years ago America had already lost tens-of-thousands of industries and millions of jobs to countries around the world. The main focus of our campaign is to maintain jobs in the United States and restore a competitive balance between American made and foreign made items sold in America.

For over two hundred years America produced the majority of its day-to-day needs and American made products were also sold around the world. In more recent years, Americans watched a large portion of its day-to-day needs being produced abroad and saw local, regional and national employers downsize or close their doors because they could no longer compete with the volume of imported products.

As more Americans support our campaign we have seen more businesses deciding to remain in the United States. We need more of that to happen, and it will, as America’s consumers direct more of their purchasing power to support American made. Many people report that they are surprised by the reaction of business owners and sales people when they ask for American made. They are told “Why does it matter where the items are made as long as you are able to purchase the product you need today?” Well, it matters to present and future Americans looking to support themselves, and it matters to America’s young people who will enter the job market after graduation and those ready to return to the workforce.

Kindly spread the word about our efforts. America and American workers need us.

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