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Commentary from Saturday, January 7, 2017

A New Year Creates Many New Opportunities!

Every day things change around us and, as we begin the New Year, there are many NEW Opportunities for us to UNITE our efforts to support American made products and American workers.

During 2017, everyone is asked to help us promote the theme: “Support The American Made Label”. This theme will help us encourage American based industries to expand their product lines and welcome new businesses to open in America to compete with foreign made products.

In order to make the “Support The American Made Label” campaign a success, it is going to take business leaders, America’s consumers, elected officials and American workers to remain focused on ways to “Support The American Made Label”.

In recent years millions of people have supported our efforts to expand the list of items displaying Made in the USA or Made in America labels. The “Support the American Made Label” campaign creates new opportunities for investment in American based industries that will compete with foreign manufacturers.

In order to make this campaign a success, every American needs to get behind our efforts to “Support The Made In America Label” and allow more of our hard-earned money to be spent on products and services provided by American workers.

Every person who looked at the tags on the holiday gifts they received saw how many of the gift items were made outside of America. We can’t dwell on what happened in the past, but we can certainly take action now so we are able to restore American Made products and have them available again in America’s stores. The participation of our supporters has already made a major difference.  We are on the road to even more positive changes in the future if remain focused on our goals. Help us “Support The American Made Label” by looking for, asking for and purchasing products proudly made in the United States of America.

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