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Commentary from Saturday, January 5, 2013

Let's Start the New Year Off Right!

Positive example is the key to success! I always say that people need reasons to do positive things, not only hear excuses for why positive things can't happen.

This past year because more people spoke up and supported American workers, we saw American companies increase their sales, production and job opportunities. That came about as a result of people supporting the Buy American Made Campaign which was highlighted on television, radio, and in newspaper and Internet articles. We all that agree America can't continue to be a major sale point for foreign made products, while Americans are struggling without jobs and national leaders are not directing their efforts to restoring jobs in the U.S.A.

A brief summary of some positive things that happened during 2012 as a result of more people working together include:

People took more time to look at labels to see exactly where items were made and went out of their way to look for American made products.
People took the time to ask store personnel what American made items they have available and discussed their concerns about the imbalance between foreign and American made products.
People shopped around to see if they could find the items they needed with made in the U.S.A. labels and saw how often they were disappointed with the results.
People spoke with family and friends about Americans being out of work often due to industries closing in America and being outsourced to other counties.

The fact that the American people and the news media are more outspoken about the need to change the situation in America will help positive changes to continue. During the Christmas season Americans spent billions of dollars on items made in foreign countries. However, this past year, billions more were also spent on a growing number of items made in the U.S.A.

I encourage you to make a New Year's Resolution you can keep. "Look for, ask for and shop around for items made in the U.S.A." Let's Start The New Year Off RIGHT and make 2013 a lucky year for American workers.

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