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Commentary from Saturday, January 29, 2011

Equal Trade Agreement is Needed!

Americans value equality, but we lack equality in balance of foreign trade. A more even balance of trade would restore jobs and dramatically improve America's economy. In his book, "Make It In America", Dow Chemical CEO Andrew Liveris calls for a national strategy to revive manufacturing in the United States. He reports that "Industries from solar panel technology to highly advanced computer circuitry--industries that were born in the U.S.--now exist predominantly elsewhere."

I'm sure you agree that promoting an even balance of trade throughout the world would benefit workers of the world and improve international commerce. Overall, everyone would benefit. Americans would have a more reasonable balance of products made overseas, and because of increased manufacturing in the U.S., other nations would consume American-made products.

Because of America's current trade imbalance, two out of three of the items available in American stores are foreign made, a situation which contributes to the loss of American jobs, and even more importantly, the loss of vital skills. When Amazon sought American facilities to manufacture its Kindle, it found that America lacked the facilities and skilled workers, so it outsourced overseas. This is unfortunate because jobs that could have remained in the U.S.A. were outsourced.

I feel we should get back to basics and we should have a BALANCED TRADE POLICY with every country that wants to trade with the United States of America. I feel this is a reasonable solution to America's weakened economy! America’s leaders should implement a New TRADE POLICY which would simply be: We sell other countries a dollars’s worth of products or services and they sell the United States a dollars worth of products or services in return. Let me know what you think and discuss this suggestion with others.

I want to thank the radio programs and newspapers bringing attention to the Buy American Made Campaign. Working together we are trying to help America's industries, its workers and economy, and in the process informing people on ways they can help the cause.

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