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Commentary from Saturday, January 26, 2019

Always Working to Move Forward!

Every year we promote a theme to move our efforts forward. This year our theme is: “Working Together For the BEST INTERESTS of America and American Workers.” This theme will help us promote jobs and job skills for Americans as we promote America’s businesses and the Made in America label.

We are now 19 years into the Twenty First Century and we see clearly how vital jobs skills are to America’s private sector businesses who have to compete with suppliers from around the world.  In recent years, with the assistance of the Buy American Made Campaign supporters are watching manufacturing grow again in the United States. With manufacturing now growing, many additional job opportunities are being created that are needed to have the products made and available for sale at the stores where we shop.

In the process of promoting American Made we have received cooperation from many stores that are seeking out American Made products from their suppliers. They are doing this to honor the growing requests of their customers. This is one of the reasons we ask you to support local businesses who have the power to feature more American made items, which in turn helps restore a better balance between foreign and domestic made products, and in the process is circulating more American money in the United States of America.

Thanks for helping our efforts to restore America's industries by going out of your way to look for, ask for, and buy American made products so more Americans will be employed and be able to support themselves.

Your support of National Small Business Weekend, the First Friday, Saturday and Sunday of EVERY Month, is also appreciated. For more information visit:

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