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Commentary from Saturday, January 21, 2012

Does Money Grow On Trees?

As I discuss the situation of jobs in America and America’s growing debt, people ask me to clarify the national debt issue. Back in 1976, America's national debt was just over $1 trillion. In 2012, America's national debt is $15 trillion, which means during the last 36 years, United States debt continued to increase as industries were downsized or closed and jobs were outsourced to other countries. Each year the cost of operating government rose and income taxes and business profit taxes did not keep up with inflation. The loss of jobs has been happening for years and should have been addressed years ago, now Americans are in a national crisis!

In the process of not looking out for America's economy, America's national leaders borrowed money in our behalf from many sources, including other countries, to pay for programs and services that America's tax base simply could not afford. Today, the American people are in debt for more than $15 TRILLION.

If we, the American people, had to repay the national debt TODAY, every man, woman and child would have to pay $49,000 dollars in order for America to be a debt-free nation. To fully understand the situation, I encourage you to look at the U.S. debt clock posted on the front page of:

During the last 36 years, the world has changed at a fast pace, but the American people were not united behind ideas to maintain America's industries for the well-being of today's workers and future generations. Now we have a growing population, fewer job opportunities, revenue is down and job skills are being drained out of the U.S.A. Since "Money Does Not Grow On Trees", we have to work together to change our own destiny. Looking at labels before you make a purchase and supporting America's private sector businesses supplying our stores is one way for us to change our destiny. For more information visit:, where you will find my weekly commentaries and other links promoting the Buy American Made Campaign. continues to generate a lot of positive interest. We are expanding our efforts each day and appreciate the feedback we received. Listen to broadcasts from the front page of: and join the thousands of people that have signed up for our email updates.

This is Michael Blichasz, we need your continued participation so that private sector businesses know how much restoring jobs in the U.S.A. means to us and how they will benefit from expanding their industries in America. Contact me from the email link located on the front page of: