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Commentary from Saturday, January 20, 2024

Updated Facts and Figures!

Supporters of the Buy American Made – Support American Workers Campaign appreciate updates about what is happening in the United States. We are working to maintain and expand America's private sector industries and local businesses that create jobs for American workers. The figures listed are from the United States Census Bureau and are listed on the United States Debt Clock, which is posted on the front page of

The following 5 facts are as of mid-January 2024.

There are over 335 million people living in the United States.
162 million Americans are employed. 139 million people are employed at full and part time jobs with private sector business. 23 million people are employed at various levels of government.
Over 30 million working age people are not presently employed. However, they could be available for full or part time jobs as jobs expand in the United States.
The United States Census reports that more than 43 million Americans of all ages are living below the federal income poverty guidelines. This statistic will change for the better as more jobs are created in the United States.
In order to pay off the $34 trillion dollar national debt which has been generated with the approval of America’s national elected leaders over the years, every man, woman and child in the United States would have to pay the federal government $101,000 to pay off America’s national debt. This is why we continue to encourage a balance budget amendment be enacted for the United Stated Federal Government.

You can check out these facts and many others on the United State Debt Clock, which is listed on the front page of As you review the information, consider how much better life in America would be if our industries were fully restored and the tens-of millions of working-age Americans would be employed and able to support themselves.

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