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Commentary from Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Time For New Opportunities!

The New Year is a "Time For New Opportunities" if we change the way we conduct business in America and the way we support one another.

For decades Americans looked out for the well-being of the world and lost sight of what is needed for the well-being of the American people. With ongoing unemployment and the loss of so many American industries to outsourcing, people see the need to unite behind efforts to restore jobs in the U.S.A. The loss of millions of manufacturing jobs, from clothing to electronics, and the skills lost in recent years are a growing concern for all Americans because these factors are now affecting the stability of America's workers and America's economy.

For a long time I have been asking you to look at labels and support the American made products you find. I am not against imported products, but I am concerned that such large amounts of imported products are filling our stores while American industries have closed or downsized and Americans are left unemployed.

During the last year, many of you helped make your concerns known at the places where you shopped. As we begin the new year, I urge you to work even harder to help restore and expand America's industries so we can all feel good about making conscious choices between imported and domestic products instead of simply settling for what is now available.

In the new year I will focus on new ways to promote the Buy American Made Campaign. I'm asking you to do your part to ensure that positive changes continue. Let's focus on the products that help employ American workers and increase job opportunities that will add stability to our communities, families, manufacturing base, and economy. Look at labels and speak up even more in support of American made products. Store owners and store personnel should never be able to say "Our customers are not voicing concerns about what we have available in our store", but instead should be saying, "We hear a growing concern for American workers and the industries that support their well-being and America's economy".

The beginning of a new year is a "Time For New Opportunities". Let's work together so those new opportunities benefit Americans first.

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