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Commentary from Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Clock Goes In One Direction!

As you look at yourself and the people around you, you see that the clock goes in one direction, FORWARD. For more than 35 years the clock was moving forward as thousands of America's industries were downsized or closed and moved around the world.

Most business representatives I speak with tell me businesses left America to escape rising taxes, regulations and the rising cost of manufacturing. Unfortunately I don't find a lot of information that highlights the efforts of America's national elected leaders working with business leaders to keep industries in the U.S.A. during the last 35 years. It is true that we live in a free market economy so companies can locate anywhere they choose, however, IF America's national leaders had acted properly in our best interests, millions of jobs that could employ Americans would not have been lost to outsourcing and America would not be in so much debt.

Today, we are trying to recover from the loss of industries and millions of jobs to other countries and 35 years after the fact we are still asking what solutions are America's NATIONAL leaders proposing to help private sector businesses remain in or return to the U.S.A.?

Because time moves very quickly, I ask you to continue speaking with local, state and national elected officials as well as with store management to voice your concerns for American workers. Supporters of the Buy American Made Campaign have helped Americans maintain their jobs and encouraged companies to remain or return to the U.S.A. There is no reason to waste time discussing what should have, could have or would have happened in America. Let's concentrate our efforts on ways to support the businesses that manufacture, sell, ship and promote their products in the U.S.A. Our objective is to get Americans back to work utilizing their present skills or trained for the jobs needed in today's industries.

This is Michael Blichasz. As you know the message of the Buy American Made Campaign is very basic. Let's help maintain and expand job opportunities for the American people FIRST. Email me from the link on my Internet sites: or log on to:

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