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Commentary from Saturday, January 17, 2015

2015 Theme “Grow AMERICA’S Economy”

Every year I ask supporters of the Buy American Made Campaign to promote a special theme. This year in conjunction with the panel of American Workers Radio you are asked to unite behind the theme “Grow America’s Economy”.

With this theme in mind, we urge you to go out of your way to support the private sector businesses manufacturing and selling products made in America so they will not only remain stable but also be able to grow and produce quality and competitive products in the U.S.A.

As we promote the theme “Grow America’s Economy” it is also imperative that every American focus on EDUCATION and restoring vocational education programs in America’s schools. By increasing vocational educational programs, “The Trades”, in schools paid for with taxpayers dollars, students will have the opportunity to graduate with at least one career opportunity in addition to an academic diploma.

I am always concerned when I hear business leaders tell me that we don’t have enough qualified students available for the types of jobs needed to expand industries in America, so we outsource manufacturing and other services around the world. This is difficult to hear, but in many cases, it is a fact, and I’m sure we all agree it’s time to restore all vocational education programs “The Trades” in every school possible so that students not only have the ability to read, write and count, but also have the ability to list what trades they have been exposed to in junior high and high school. It’s up to America’s taxpayers to insist that the NEW long-term goal of EDUCATION in America should be preparing America’s young people to enter the job market at graduation based on the education and guidance they received from America’s schools. Help us support a NEW direction in America’s schools by contacting your local school board and your local elected officials. If we contact those involved in making the decisions on what is being taught in America’s schools, we will have more possibilities for positive changes and lasting results and more possibilities of restoring the 50/50 balance of what is made and sold in America.

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