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Commentary from Saturday, January 16, 2016

A Global ECONOMY that BENEFITS American Workers!

With so many economic changes taking place in countries around the world that are now manufacturing large numbers of items sold in America, we see that it’s very important to expand manufacturing in the U.S.A. to benefit American workers and regain America’s financial security.

During the last 30 plus years, America lost over 100 thousand businesses that chose to manufacture their products in foreign counties and then ship them to America for sale. This guaranteed new jobs and a livelihood for foreign workers at the expense of American workers. If those businesses relocated just 50% of their manufacturing overseas and left the other 50% in America, we could say America’s stores are offering a fair balance between imported and American made products. However, that is not the case as most of the companies that left America took just about every job opportunity with them hoping that America’s consumers would not question labels or the fact that America has become the largest sales point for foreign products.

Businesses and merchandisers remind me that Americans live in a FREE MARKET ECONOMY, so any business can relocate industries and jobs to a country that will offer them a better production price. That’s true, but how about jobs and jobs skills for Americans? How and where did these businesses think Americans would earn a living to continue to be able to purchase the foreign made products?

The main goal of the Buy American Made Campaign is to insure that businesses get the message that America’s consumers are directing a growing amount of their purchases to products make in the U.S.A. With your help, that message will be even clearer. The goal of restoring 50% of all items sold in America, made in America, is not an unrealistic goal, because 35 years ago, 90% of what was sold in America was made in America.

Being part of the Global Economy is important to all workers, but anything less than 50% of the items sold in America NOT BEING MADE IN AMERICA is cause for concern for EVERY AMERICAN, for our national economy and our nation’s financial security. We certainly have the people and land to expand industries in America. We ask that you help us make our 2016 Theme “Support America’s Industries” a success and buy American made as often as possible. When we see a 50-50 balance of what is sold in America, you will see a major positive change in America which will benefit American workers, the future of our young people right now and America’s future generations. Thanks for your help! Kindly spread the word.

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