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Commentary from Saturday, January 15, 2011

How Long Can It Continue!

In today's changing global economy, it's more important than ever for the American people to support all efforts to re-establish America's manufacturing base. This will be accomplished through what you purchase.

Extensive outsourcing of so many products used by America's consumers has done major damage to America's industries and left millions of Americans unemployed. However, recent demands by America's consumers for more American made products is making an impact at stores as more people understand the importance of being masters of their own destiny.

People who contact me understand that by re-establishing America's industries more AMERICAN-MADE items will be in circulation and more Americans will be employed. They also understand that in the process of supporting America's industries we have to urge elected officials to work toward a more realistic trade balance and tax structure that will attract new businesses. Without all of us working together, today's economy will not change.

Made in the USA
As we start off the new year, it is important to continue to get the message across to store owners and store personnel that Americans will no longer settle for excessive imports without a realistic balance of American made and imported products.

Thanks for speaking up where you shop and for supporting the Buy American Made Campaign.

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